Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Chicken Manure and Organic Composting

[In regards to composting] 'NOP (National Organic Program) further cautions that "while composting can degrade many organic contaminants, it cannot eliminate heavy metals. In fact, composting concentrates metals, mating the contaminated compost, pound for pound, more potentially hazardous than the manure it was created from. Broiler litter and broiler litter composts have been restricted from the certified organic production in the mid-South largely for this reason. Arsenic-once used in chicken feed as an appetite stimulant and antibiotic-was a particular concern. Since the precise composition of commercial livestock feeds is proprietary information, arsenic may still be an additive in formulations in some regions."'1

Seriously? They're still adding arsenic to chicken feed? To knowingly poison what profits a person to gain more profits for said person, is in my opinion, insanity.

1 Peter V. Fossil (2007). Organic Farming: Everything you need to know. St. Paul, MN: Voyageur Press

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