Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Jobs, books and printing them, and organic farming.

Recently, I've become very interested in organic farming, and studying up on it. Right now I am reading a book on organic farming, called (surprise, surprise), "Organic Farming: Everything You Need to Know" by Peter V. Fossil. It seems rather informative. Not as in-depth as I was hoping, but still has a great deal of information. It is one of four books I took out of the library today, all dealing with the subject of organic farming. However, by reading this book (and writing this blog) I am procrastinating from what I should be doing, which is applying for jobs.

Now speaking of books, I currently work for a printing company. We print books, calendars, maps, yearbooks and more. This is a rather large and well-known printing company (which happens to reside in a town of only 4500 people). They've printed quite a few very well known books, although I'm really not supposed to say what we print. But, to all those authors out there, who are all "Yay! I've written such an exciting book and it's been accepted at the publisher and now it's going to the really exciting part: printing!" it's not exciting. Making books is about the boring-est job ever. A total snooze-fest. Whether it's an exciting new novel that ends up on New York Time's best seller for weeks in a row, or a dry law textbook...it's really really boring printing the books. Boring, and repetitive, and quite frankly, some [many] of the jobs, a trained monkey can do - literally. Many times, all you have to do, is show up for work, turn off your brain, and go through the motions.

I will say though, it's not a bad job. They don't gyp you of pay like some places try to do. It's relatively cool in summer, and it's kept warm in winter. You're treated pretty decently. It's just...not a stimulating job at all.

Hence why I'm looking for a different job - there are times it feels like my brain is rotting there. I'm really hoping to avoid another labourer job. There's quite a few that are available where I'm planning to move, (oh ya, I'm planning to move), but...really would rather not have that. I think I'd rather be a labourer than work in a fast-food restaurant though. A job at walmart...not sure if that'd rate higher or lower than labourer job. I think it'd rate just a wee bit higher, but not much. I'm going to apply for a bunch of different jobs. What is quite annoying though, is needing to write a different cover letter for each one. Yeesh! Anyway, I'm going to apply. See if I can't get a couple applications done before I go to sleep.

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