Monday, 22 October 2012

Dog Sledding! Oh how I miss you dogs.

Dee on the right in lead (brown), Glee on the left (white)
Oslo and Orbit
Oakly (I should have taken Otto, sigh) and Obee
Oslo, Orbit, Oakly, Obee, and Otto are all siblings.

Old Duke, 14 years old this summer. Awesome dog. A real sweetheart.


  1. Oh, what gorgeous dogs and scenery. I was lucky enough to visit Quebec a few years ago and went dog-sledding. An amazing experience.
    Just stopping by...I saw your post on another forum and you were asking about cervical screening. It can be hard to find real information and critical discussion on this subject, most women are just pressured to test. If you're interested, there are several sites that will provide you with the facts. Dr Joel Sherman, Patient Privacy and Women's Privacy Concerns, in the side bar you'll find some great references. Also, Blogocritics and Unnecessary pap tests has about 9000 posts from women harmed by the screening process or who have concerns about the lack of honesty, proper ethical standards and informed consent in women's cancer screening. For Women's eyes only is another great site and also, Violet to Blue.

    1. Thank you Eliz52, for stopping by. I really enjoyed the dogs, and miss them a lot. I'm hoping to get one myself in the future. And thank you for the names of people and organizations on the subject - I really cannot countenance someone sticking something up inside of me that I don't really want, just because I'm told it's something I'm supposed to do. In any other circumstance, that would be considered rape-by-object, would it not? At least in my eyes it would.