Monday, 22 October 2012


I've been reading a lot about composting. Composting toilets as an alternative to water-based toilets, as well as composting food and other biodegradables. It's something that I am really interested in, as composting significantly reduces waste.

Last night I started work as a waitress in a Husky restaurant on a major highway. I ended up making $20 in tips, 25% of which went to the cook, allowing me to take $15 home (which promptly went into my gas tank so I could I get home.

Now one of the things that I noticed was just how much biodegradable waste was going into the garbage. The garbage was one of those large heavy-duty plastic ones, it was completely full at the end of the night, and probably about 90% or more of that garbage was biodegradable. It's got me thinking.

What kind of market is there for compost? Who buys it? Who could it be marketed to?

As well, what kind of market is there for collecting compost? Is this something that I could make money off of? A strange idea of a job, but there it is. What would it be like to really and truly reduce the amount of garbage in landfills?

I would have to find out however, if I'd be able to get enough carbon based materials to keep up with the compost-able nitrogen based materials.

Also, I would need a location where I could do this composting. That....might be rather interesting to find.

Anyways, more thoughts on this to come.

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  1. Well, it would be neat if restaurants were required to composte. This would open new jobs. A composte truck (to pick up composte). Composte bin builders and sellers. I know our town has a composte pile where residents can take their compostable garbage. Some cities in the states require their citizens to not only bluebox, but to separate it and they are fined if they don't. Imagine putting more back into the environment that we could use to rebuild our environment, than destroying it. Well thought out ideas Lynx. :)