Sunday, 14 July 2013

First Look At A Potential Property

So there's this piece of property near here for sale. Five acres for $7000, crown-leased land. Lease is about $170 a year. For those who are wondering what crown-leased land is, well, first, I do believe it's a Canadian thing. I'm up in Canada. The crown (ie. the federal government) owns the vast majority of land in Canada, especially in the northern regions of the provinces. You can lease this land from the crown, but the process of trying to lease it is long and difficult.

It's a nice piece of property. I like it. It has two acres fences already. There is a possibility of buying another acre. Water comes from the nearby lake. No electricity.

There are problems though. It's currently zoned or rated for horses. I would like a small hobby farm - horses maybe, two cattle, some goats, sheep, alpacas, dogs, and maybe two pigs and the yearly piglets. I would have to apply to the crown to have that changed so I can have those animals on there as well.

I want to live on there full time. From what the man selling it said, currently a permanent residence on there is not allowed, although a movable residence would be. I would have to apply to have that. Or I could just build it. It's not like they really care - I think. I have to decide what size of cabin I would build on there, if I do build one.

The process of getting approval for the different animals would be a pretty long process, apparently.

I want to look at the lease, the drawings of the parcel, I need a water sample from the lake there. I need to figure out a way to get water to My place. Electricity (solar), heat (wood) I need shelter for the animals. I want at least two, if not four movable pens (for sheep).

I think the man really wants to get rid of the property though - he was already talking about it as mine.

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