Saturday, 13 July 2013

Picking The Minds Of Wise Eldars For The Pearls Of Wisdom. Or Attempting To, Anyway.

So I got mentioned by Greenpa in a blog post at his blog, the Little Blog In The Big Woods. It was in response to my comment over here on another blog post.
He says:
"One of my readers, who goes by Lynx, helped push me in this direction.  His entire comment is available below this recent post.  I recommend it, if you have the time.  A few excerpts:"

I wrote a big long reply to this post, and then realized: I really should post a short one, and write a blog post myself. So, I did.

Well, well. I'm honoured to have my comment so commemorated.

Also, I'm a lady. She, not he. :p

Quite frankly, I can't remember whether it was intended in humour or not, but I suspect it was partially. :) I'm glad you got quite a few laughs out of it.

It's also completely serious. I know you can't answer all, or even several of the questions, and I don't expect you to. It was good to get all those questions out there, for me.

'"Hey, please tell me everything you know!" is actually a request I get fairly frequently; and often with no realization on the part of the asker about what's truly involved. I think you realize. :-) '

I try to realize. I know it's a big task I've set myself. I have been researching this information off and on since I asked the questions. It gets a bit more serious and personal for me right now, because I may be buying a piece of property somewhat soon - 5 acres for 7k (maybe less), 2 of which are fenced, no buildings. And yes, I know that's a very small plot, especially for everything I'd love to do. However, the job I have currently pays well and is good, so I do not want to quit to move elsewhere, and large chunks of land around here just aren't that available. It's mostly crown land (I live in northern Canada). I may end up being able to lease more land from the Crown once I get going there.

So all these questions I've asked...I'm actively looking for the answers now. As well as all the other questions that come with potentially buying a piece of property. What kind of zoning does the property have - can I even build anything on it? Is it crown lease, or private? Freehold? what about water, mineral, and tree rights? Leins on the property?

I have to decide, what kind of house am I going to build, in what format, with what materials, what kind of insulation. Do I build it myself, or hire a contractor? for just the framing, or the interior too? What kind of insulation will I go with, and where do I get it? What kind of foundation am I going to need? Is bedrock right on the surface? How and where am I going to get water? From a well (is that possible?), from a spring (are there any?), from the lake (how close is it, are there any contaminants, and is there potential for flooding?)? Once I get water, how do I keep the water lines from freezing? What kind of greywater system do I want and will work? Can I legally use a "sawdust" composting toilet, or will I be required to get a commercial one? What can I use in lieu of sawdust?

Some of these things I'm looking into, I know where I can probably find the information. Some I don't, but I will figure it out.

If I buy it, once I build a place to live and move out there, I will almost guaranteed have to buy a snowmobile before that year's coming winter - another thing to research.

So I attempt to pick your brains, Greenpa, other people's brains, I buy books on the subjects, I read blogs. I research. Because it's important. It's essential. I want to build right the first time. Do this right, the first time. But I won't be afraid to fail, because eventually, I will. Just means I'll have to try again, in a different way

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